In beautiful Austin, Texas, at 33rd Street and Guadalupe, the world-famous Party Barn has proudly served its country and community as a local, independent drive-thru beer & wine store. As weird as Austin but as Texan as the damn Alamo, the Party Barn opened its doors in the late nineteen seventies. And the barn still stands to this day.

Pull in from Guadalupe and drive on into the big red barn. You'll find an eclectic selection of package beer, wine and champagne, soda and juice, ice, and even CO2. The specialty, however, is keg beer. Party Barn boasts the largest keg beer selection in all of central Texas and regularly keeps fifty different types of keg beer in stock. Hundreds of beers are available through special order or delivery. You can view a complete list of all the available kegs and prices on our Keg page.

The Party Barn is damn near a tradition for University of Texas students, native Austinites,and visitors from foreign lands such as Missouri or California. The Barn has been a friendly face in the community for so long that folks commonly stroll or cruise through our driveway, just to be able to tell their friends that they did it. Pedestrians will even halt midstride to snap a photo from the sidewalk. Hell, the neighborhood teenagers love to spray paint their names and idioms on the barn, and this is obviously due to Party Barn's iconic status. Isn't it about time you crossed the barn off your Austin bucket list?

What's inside the drive-thru will keep you coming back. Prices on beer, wine, and soda haven't been jacked up on account of convenience. You'll also notice the selection of beverages: an assortment of local flavor, all the domestic stand-bys, as well as refined imports can satisfy the palate of any beer drinker. It makes the average convenience store look all boots and no cattle.

Sometimes the allure of keg delivery can be like a dangling a worm to the lips of a catfish. That's why Party Barn delivers. To Austin. Keg beer, that is. Or large package orders. It makes covering the beverage needs of any event as easy as picking up a phone. Only a day or two advanced notice is requested. The delivery fleet will drive to wedding venues or softball fields and the driver will kindly set everything up for you. It don't matter what the occasion is, if it calls for beer, wine, or both, dialing up the Party Barn is the best way to get an estimate of how much you need and what it will cost.

Unfortunately, Party Barn deliveries don't work the same as springing for pizza, and what's meant by that is only that you can't call and order a six pack and expect it to be delivered in twenty minutes. But the people that answer the phones are sometimes known to be helpful - and every once in a while, you might catch a friendly one. Service. I tell you what!