Here's a few situations where you might want to dial up the Party Barn to schedule a delivery:

  • Someone's getting hitched (you, a friend, or a family person). Well, a lot of folks like to have beer and wine available at the reception. But weddings can get as complicated as untangling thorny stickers from the coat of your prized goat. Party Barn can deliver and set up your wedding day refreshments, so that all you have to worry about is saying, "I do."
  • You're in charge of stocking the kitchen at your place of business. A number of local companies already have strong standing relationships with the Party Barn. Keep the office relaxed, like one of them hawaiian shirts that Ted likes to wear on casual Friday.
  • The slow pitch softball team just won second place in the adult league tournament. What better way to celebrate the end of a fine season than heading to the Saltlick with a previously scheduled Party Barn delivery? (Make sure to order extra ice, so Marty can ice down his knees).
  • A pregame tailgate party is an outstanding way to spend an afternoon. Scrounging for cash so that Jimmy the intern can make a desperation beer run is not. Keep your attention on the grill and let Party Barn handle the beverages.

What all does a delivery entail?

  • One of the fine cadets from the Party Barn delivery fleet will bring everything on your order to your designated delivery location.
  • The strong buckaroo who delivered the order will also unload it from his truck and set it up, so that everything is ready to go.
  • All equipment is provided: shell, tap, tub. Without the hassle of rental fees.
  • You can even schedule a pickup and a Party Barn driver will recover all the equipment at a time convenient for you.

How do I schedule a delivery?

  • The best way to schedule a delivery or to get a quote is by phone. The direct line to the Party Barn is 512-451-8508.
  • Party Barn does have an e-mail address and they even check their inbox. However, the e-mail at Party Barn is checked sporadically throughout the day, so for the quickest and clearest response, it's preferred that inquiries or orders come in via phone. Party Barn e-mail can be addressed to partybarnaustin(at)gmail(dot)com.
  • A quote or completed invoice can be faxed to you by request at any time.