This here is the great state of Texas. And around these parts, temperatures climb to the triple digits and stay there so long, you damn near feel like someone stuck the whole city in a toaster and set it for burnt to a crisp. That sun is brutal, just ask your lawn. The point, here, is that maintaining an icy level of refreshing drinkability is crucial for any barbeque, tailgate, or booze cruise to be a success.

If you buy your beer at the Party Barn, you are in luck, amigo. Up there, a fifty pound bag of ice runs for six dollars and ninety-nine cents. A bag of that weight is about the size of an eight year old child and it'll completely cover your keg.

Remember, once your keg is pulled from the cooler and loaded into the back of your vehicle, it will begin to slowly increase in temperature until iced. You'll want to get ice on that keg in about thirty-five to forty-five minutes. So, instead of lumbering home and panicking, why not get your ice from the trusted folks who sold you the keg? No beer was ever meant to be served warm. The Party Barn can supply you with sleeves of cheap cups too.